New Video: Boost your Milk

Inadequate breastmilk intake is the number one reason newborns need re-hospitalization.

why is droplet needed

Does it surprise you that in the United States, 20% of mothers give up on breastfeeding before one month? That inadequate breastmilk intake is the number one reason newborns need re-hospitalization? That worries about low milk supply lead 60% of mothers to prematurely discontinue breastfeeding before the first year?

Too many mothers blame themselves when breastfeeding doesn’t work out. Sophisticated guidance is frequently not available when mothers need it the most.

Droplet exists to support women during this incredibly vulnerable time when the best support possible is needed. While the profound health and financial impact of breastfeeding failure has been extensively quantified, the emotional toll on mothers themselves is incalculable. We look beyond the numbers and strive to impact not only statistics but also each mother’s experience. No mother should feel, “If I had only known…”